Digital Support for Nonprofits

DigiFund is one of the only nonprofits certified by Google to help organizations evaluate, customize, deploy and transition to Google Apps for Work and Google for Nonprofits Services. We will help optimize your website to get the most out of your Google AdWords Grant.


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Google for Nonprofits Support 

Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours access to highly discounted or free products. These tools can help you find new donors and volunteers, work efficiently, and get supporters to take action.

Google Apps for Nonprofits

Get free access to the Google Apps suite including Gmail and Google Drive

Google AdWords Grant

Access up to $40,000 USD in free Google paid search ads every month.

Youtube for Nonprofits

Use video and digital storytelling to inspire your audience to take action and support your cause.

Google Earth Outreach

Visualize your cause and tell your story through Google’s mapping technologies.

Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Understand how people find and interact with your website & optimize conversions.

Google Plus Pages

Influence how you appear in search, in real-time through Google+.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click marketing is a simple and cost-effective tool that delivers strong results if used right. Our AdWords-certified experts are here to help.

Content Marketing

Make your clients’ experience as seamless as possible from the beginning. This kind of mindset we have planing your content strategy.

Google Analytics

Our services cover all aspects of Google Analytics, from initial setup, to training ... custom advanced tracking solutions to track custom elements on your website.

Search Engine Optimization


Our long-term search engine optimization and marketing strategies will get you a high-ranking and lasting placement in search engine results.

Email Marketing

Professional custom Email Marketing services help you save time and money on communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Your donors and beneficiaries are looking for you online. If done properly, social media marketing will bring remarkable success to your nonprofit.